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. . V2ray is a network proxy tool. One possible configuration is to use WebSocket transport along with TLS, so network traffic looks like good normal HTTPS/WSS traffic in public network, very nice and effective against China’s firewall. This can be used along with web servers such as Apache or Nginx > for reverse proxy. 於是試吓將用開的merlin + v2ray server + SS 再增加入steamsetting websocket + tls再接CDN. 用v2ray行SS而唔直接用ss-server, 係因為可以直接將v2ray裝落JFFS, 唔駛用USB手指裝entware咁麻煩. 用tls最麻煩係要搞domain name + cert, 上網爬文都係叫你用USB裝entware + acme 去let's encrypt gen張新cert.

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